The festival has evolved over the decades and is now billed as one of the country’s largest free jazz festivals.

Saxophonist Jeff Sparks is one of the musicians tuning up for his first performance at the event. He explains what fans can expect from him.

Jazz musician Jeff Sparks talks about his encounter with blues legend B.B. King, who died today at the age of 89. Sparks says King was a great influence on him musically. Photo credit Brenna Beech for WABE-FM

“Feel good. I make you feel good. I’ll grab a little traditional. I’ll grab a little funk. I mix it up because the average listener nowadays you have to look at a younger audience, but you also can’t forget about the older people, as well,” Sparks said during an interview

on a “A Closer Look.”

Sparks recounted a personal story involving B.B. King, the blues legend who passed

away Thursday. Sparks said King inspired him and that King's music had a significant influence on Spark's music.

“B.B. was the man who handed me my diploma when I graduated from Berklee College of Music back in '85, so that was a memorable moment for me.”

Sparks talked about jazz music, his personal history and he even played a little sax during his interview on “A Closer Look.”

Jeff Sparks Contact number: (847) 687-1204 Website: Email:
Jeff Sparks Contact number: (847) 687-1204 Website: Email: